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More people are online than ever before. With self-isolation and quarantine in full force, people are using the internet to connect with the outside world and with one another. As business slows for almost every industry, companies are looking at ways to improve and even just to stay afloat. The reality is, understanding and using the internet to your benefit is crucial now more than ever. And we, as web professionals, are eager to help.

We’ve created a directory of blogs that we have published to help new businesses. They work for those of you with more established companies as well. They are categorised into the relevant online fields that they will assist you with such as social media, SEO, blog writing, web design, marketing, and more! We’ve included the SEO section below so you can see for yourself and get started today. If you want to see more sections and tips, sign up below for the full directory.


The Basics
Checklist for Better Travel Website SEO

While SEO is a complicated and continuously evolving discipline that, for optimal results, requires the expertise of a specialist, you can get a jump-start on improving your online visibility by paying attention to some basic best practices.

Further Reading
A Simple Off-Site SEO Plan That Anyone Can Follow

The idea of this post is to give you a simple plan that anyone can follow. To improve your off-page SEO, there is one basic key: get links or citations from other websites. The more credibility, the better.

New Businesses

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