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As you’ve read previously in our Meet the TigerCare blog, after a successful website launch, our Tiger Care Team takes the reins, providing ongoing support in maintaining and optimizing your website. However, how about we take a step back and get to know our project team, comprising of skilled web coordinators, designers & managers, dedicated to creating captivating websites, crafting compelling content, and designing visually stunning experiences. From inception to launch, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. So here’s a little insight into the creative minds that drive your tourism dream, from concept to reality.

Question 1: Your name, your role and favourite destination/activity you have done in the past?

Adam: Hey, I’m Adam Brandon, Project Team Manager at TourismTiger. My favourite destination is Iguazu Falls, specifically the Argentina side which I’ve been lucky enough to go to twice. The Brazilian side gives an amazing overview, but on the Argentina side, you can weave your way through the national park pathways and feel immersed in the breathtaking waterfalls. As well as the majestic sights and sounds of the falls, there’s so much interesting fauna and flora that it is impossible to get bored there.

Neidys: My name is Neidys M. Arroyo Pérez, the M is a secret, and I am the Lead Designer at TT. My favorite place I have ever traveled was Orlando, Florida. Going to all of those amusement parks was something else!

Cris: Hi! I’m Cris. I work as a designer, making sure sites look as good as they can! My favourite destination is the South Region of my beloved Chile. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind staying here for the rest of my life, and cities like Valdivia, Puerto Varas and Punta Arenas are so beautiful and tranquil that I don’t see why anyone would want to travel anywhere else.

Brittany: Hello! I’m Brittany, señor web coordinator at TT. I was lucky to start travelling from a younger age, especially since my parents lived in different countries, so I was used to getting on planes and exploring different cities. One of my favourite spots that I have visited (at least here in Chile) as a tourist is San Pedro de Atacama in Northeastern Chile. There’s something about the arid desert landscape that I find alluring.

Ari: Yo! I’m Ari, just a humble web coordinator at Tourism Tiger. Travelling has always been a priority for me and I am fortunate to have visited many beautiful places, met many amazing people and experienced many wonderful cultures over the years. A special location I found (or did it find me?), that will always stay close to my heart, is the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is the tallest coastal mountain range in the world, right in the north of Colombia, inland from the Caribbean coast. It has a diverse community of wildlife and rich combination of ecosystems that make this place unlike anywhere else. The communities that live in and amongst the mountains are some of the most genuine and welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure to get to know, and the daily swims in waterfalls are something I will never forget.

Question 2: What is the biggest misconception about your role?

Adam: That because I’ve been here for a few years now that I’ve experienced everything when it comes to building websites! The majority of what I’ve learnt here is by doing it myself, but every project has different challenges so there’s always something new to be learning.

Neidys: I think there is a wrong idea always rolling around that designers have to be “creative” or are creative beings by default and that is not true. Or that they have to create in the spot when creativity is a process and it takes time. A great design requires work, idea development, iterations, and much more to get to the final amazing product.

Cris: I think the biggest misconception people have on designers is that we’re magicians and miracle workers. I mean, we are pretty cool, and sometimes I’m impressed or proud of stuff I’m able to achieve, but many people tend to think that designers have some sort of sixth sense or clairvoyance to get into their minds and make their dream design a reality. Our work is based on solving clients’ problems, and if clients don’t tell us what they want, or don’t have a clear idea in mind, it makes our work a lot more difficult. If somehow we get it right on the first try, I’d say it was just poorly informed dumb luck rather than a supernatural ability to read people’s minds. But of course, things always work out better when there’s an involved conversation with clients 🙂

Brittany: A misconception about the web coordinator role is that we only write content for websites, when in reality we also build the whole website. Fortunately, our awesome designers, development team and TigerCare are always there to help should we need to smooth out any bumps along the way. ✨

Ari: One common misunderstanding about the web coordinator role is that it’s mostly about basic tasks and content management. In truth, web coordinators do much more. We’re like the creative wizards behind the scenes, working on everything from website planning to making it user-friendly, content creation, SEO optimization, and collaborate closely with designers the entire time. We’re not just button-clickers, and love working closely with our clients to really bring the website to life!

Question 3: What’s your favorite part of designing/building websites for adventure operators specifically?

That once we’ve built a website that it looks modern with engaging content and design that will help a tour business grow and we can also put them in the safe hands of our TigerCare team to help keep their website that way.

Neidys: Many things as every client is different and each one presents a different challenge. But projecting with the design the experiences the tour operators have to offer might be my favourite part. It is challenging to show adventure, fun, luxury, friendliness, excitement, etc. just with colors and some graphics. So when I get to the moodboard and styled mockup stage and see that everything looks great and makes sense it is very fulfilling.

Cris: Oooh we’re getting into the nitty gritty here! Tour operators that focus on adventure travel or remote locations are very cool to work on. Of course, their photos depicting amazing nature spots and thrilling activities (at least for me) are the main attraction, so I try to feature them as much as I can, making sure my design work takes a bit of a back seat. That way, when customers go into the site, they don’t say “wow, what a cool design”- they’d go “wow, these tours are amazing, I wanna be there right now!!”. That’s something I enjoy a lot about design work. It works best when it’s invisible 😉

Brittany: My favourite part of building websites is usually building the very first tour page, and when finishing the last one, seeing the website come together through the written content, images, colours and other design aspects. It’s very satisfying when nearing the end of a website build, you really get a feel for what the business offers, and most of the time I think to myself “Wow, I would 100% book these tours if I ever travelled to that location!”.

Ari: For sure, one of the best parts is the chance to immerse ourselves in the mindset of a traveler. It’s a fulfilling journey to bridge the gap between our clients and a potential customer, starting small with various ideas and building curiosity into an amazing adventure, all through the captivating content and specialized design of a website.

Question 4: If you had to describe our team’s design style in three words or less, what would they be?

Adam: Accessible, unpretentious, and timeless

Neidys: Tough one but I think these are the words: Process. Empathetic. Fun.

Cris: Sorry sorry, I know I’m writing too much, I got the hint! If I were to describe our style in 3 words, I’d go for “clean”, “future-proof” aaand “user-friendly”.

Brittany: User-friendly, sales-driven, compatible

Ari: Oh, this kind of thing is always hard. Let’s go with individualized, detail-oriented & well-researched.

Question 5: What are some of your future goals at Tourism Tiger?

Adam: To research and develop ideas that continue to help grow TourismTiger and in turn make the process of building websites easier for the team and our clients

Neidys: I wish to continue to create amazing websites that sell tours and see the whole company grow. While, at the same time, I gain more and more experience that helps me grow as a professional and as a person.

Cris: Working here at TT has made me learn a lot. When I got here I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my work, and I was afraid I’d disappoint either clients or the rest of my team. Now I know I can do great things, and I want to keep learning new and better tricks so we can develop better, more beautiful sites in the future.

Brittany: My future goal at TourismTiger is to continue making awesome user-friendly websites that sell tours! Each project brings with it new challenges, and more often than not we find ourselves investigating and learning new ways in which we can build websites more efficiently. Technology is always evolving, after all.

Ari: Right now I really enjoy working with customers and building projects from start to finish. I would like to continue my learning of the technical aspects of this job so I can contribute ideas that will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.


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