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This super quick tip sounds obvious, but not many actually take advantage of it.

In the middle of a tour, grab people’s cameras, and take photos of them. Do selfies with your guests even! Get those photos and videos pumping, and make your social media accounts(opens in a new tab) a center of activity and laughs.

The key is to have fun! Take images with people that are fun, picturesque or even just plain funny.

Photos from your guests(opens in a new tab) have much more power than the photos you take yourself on your own camera. They show that the people who come on your tour are genuinely having a great time, and it gives potential visitors the longing to go there – or return.

What To Do with the Images and Videos

1. Get guests to upload them. There’s any manner of places they can do so – Facebook, TripAdvisor, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Same goes for videos. The options are almost limitless.

2. Upload them yourself to social media. Ask for your guest’s permission, and you can then take a photo they have uploaded to Instagram and re-share it everywhere. I personally love it when companies share the photos taken by their customers. I doubt I’m alone in this.

3. Run photo competitions. You can upload 4 photos to Facebook and ask people to pick their favorite – the winner wins a $100 bottle of wine. Why not?

4. Use them on your website and other promo material. Again, be careful to ask for permission, but your guests will generate some incredible photos of themselves having fun, which you can use to help sell your business. Most people will feel proud to have been asked!

Please note that professional photographers may appreciate it a bit less when you try to use their photos without licensing them correctly.

5. Include the photos in your emails. In one of your regular email updates, show these photos! People will certainly be interested to see them, and it will remind them just how much they want to be with you. You could even include them in your website’s content, in your blogs(opens in a new tab), or even as a springboard for a new branding idea(opens in a new tab).

In any case, get in contact with us(opens in a new tab) and let us do what we do best for your tour business.

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