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Making every link on your social media accounts really count can increase the traffic to your site significantly. The type of links that you use and the way you use these links will largely depend on four main factors: your industry, your business niche, your marketing strategy, and of course, the social media platform you’re posting on.

These links can connect to your landing page or any other specific page of your choice on your official website, whichever will be the most helpful for your followers or potential clients. However, to gain the ideal results, you will need to update this link on a regular basis and keep on adding new content to that page.

Contrasting link strategies

Following contrasting link strategies will maximize the gain from your business profiles on social media platforms. For example:

  • One link may send users to your website’s homepage, while another may direct them to a page that is full relevant information they need about a specific product or service.
  • Adding a swipe-up link to your stories will guarantee more traffic to your website.
  • The addition of relevant links to your ads can also generate more users navigating to your website.

The primary objective of using contrasting links is to reduce the unnecessary effort and time users spend on navigating through pages. With more useful links that save your potential customers’ time, your business profile will slowly improve and become more reputable, which will in turn increase the organic traffic to your site.

While sharing links is an incredibly useful strategy in digital marketing, it’s essential that you never lose sight of your social media marketing strategy or business goals. Follow these few tips to make sure your links are as valuable as possible:

With these efforts and considerations, you can feel confident that users will be more interested in visiting your website, learning more about the product or services that you offer, and ideally committing to making an informed purchase.

Point of sale opportunities

When integrating social media with your business marketing strategy, another important aspect to consider is the creation of “point of sale” opportunities. This can be easily done when you use more shoppable tags. Specific tags are essential as they are the most direct form of link marketing, especially on Instagram. Users respond well to content rich with valuable links, therefore improving the overall effectiveness of your content.

Using shoppable tags will also differentiate your content clearly from your competitors and help mobile users. This will provide you with a wider scope to monetize.

In today’s modern world, combining valuable visual content that will drive more sales is a common marketing technique. Specific tags that create point of sale opportunities have become indispensable as an integral part of your business plan(opens in a new tab). Studies reveal that almost 90 million users every month tend to tap on such reveal tags in shopping posts(opens in a new tab).

Reward active followers

Another innovative way to encourage users to use your links is to reward your active followers with giveaways. In addition to the proper use of practical tools, this is also a common practice in digital marketing. Psychologically, the intent to promote user engagement and interaction through positive reinforcement is a mutually beneficial strategy; not only are your potential customers gaining something, but these practices help you in several ways:

  • You show that you really love and care for your followers.
  • You highlight your products and services in a positive, more generous way.
  • You prove to  your followers that they are valued, which will encourage more engagement.

The success of your giveaways and other surprises to mark special occasions will largely depend on how you execute it. It’s imperative that you publicize your giveaways and other deals in your posts, ads, and stories on all of your social media platforms. Then, provide them with a clear and appealing call to action so that they know exactly what to do next. And finally, no campaign or giveaway is complete without a sense of urgency — “spots are going fast!” or “deadline to sign up is tomorrow!” are just two examples to get you started.These announcements absolutely must catch the attention of all visitors, so these steps are fundamental:

  • Use all of the visual tools at your disposal to make it more appealing and relevant
  • Do not forget to share a prize image
  • Add layers and filters on special effects in your stories
  • Keep your giveaway stories listed in your highlights so that all the new followers can get a glimpse of your previous offers and rewards

The prize you choose is the key to your success. You must make sure that it is relevant, timely, and something that your users will really value. The best practice is to link these prizes to a special event or a certain theme.

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