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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), women leaders have been getting a lot of attention. Perhaps this is because many locations with women in high government offices, such as Taiwan, Iceland, and San Francisco, have shown an impressive response to the corona crisis. This is especially extraordinary when you take into account the fact that women make up less than 7%(opens in a new tab) of global heads of state.

Decisive, early decision making has been a key factor in all recent success stories. A Forbes article(opens in a new tab) on the topic pointed out that: “Female leaders are more likely to be blamed if decisions are unpopular or ineffective. They are also questioned and second-guessed more frequently.” This makes female leaders more likely to seek expert advice so that they can provide credible sources for their reasoning. It also means that women are prepared to make unpopular decisions because they are more accustomed to critique.

These are important lessons to take into consideration and apply to your business. Elevating women to leadership roles may have long term benefits beyond what you can imagine. Also, no one is bound to gender stereotypes. All leaders, both male and female, should seek to make informed decisions. Leaders ought to confer with diverse and expert counselors, so there is strong reasoning behind the choices they make. Leadership also means acting fast and at times making unpopular decisions. Finally, it is important to take full consideration of possible risks. If you are in, or aspire to be in, a leadership role in your company, take inspiration from these fearless females!

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