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Good news for tour operators! Instagram just announced that it’s changing its algorithm.

While when the platform first started, the posts would appear in chronological order on your feed (like Twitter); in more recent times, it has used a separate algorithm to show you what Instagram thinks you want to see, and you’d often see mostly just the posts of the same friends, since Instagram knows your liking habits and knows who you want to see their photos. As Instagram said in 2016, they wanted to “show [you] the moments we believe you will care about the most.” But a lot of people were upset.

Sometimes a friend’s photo would come up on your newsfeed a week after it was posted, frustrating a lot of users.

While Instagram is certainly not changing its algorithm back to the way it was originally, it is changing it to show newer posts at the top of the feed. It also might eventually add a “New Posts” button that allows Instagram users to refresh their feed wherever they are in the scroll.

If you’ve been complaining online or to Instagram about how much you miss the old ways of Instagram, where new posts went to the top, they heard you. Instagram says that they’re changing the algorithm because of users’ dissatisfaction with the way it was.

The good news is….

This change could be good for tour operators. While a lot of people follow travel brands on Instagram, they may not interact with them all the time. So, Instagram may be hiding your posts from your followers (thinking that because they don’t tend to like your posts, they don’t care to see them at all). Fortunately, the new algorithm will somewhat prioritize new posts, which will hopefully in turn improve your impressions on Instagram.

So now if you see changes in your Instagram profile, you know why.

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