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Have you ever dreamed of a marketing strategy that could transport your tourism business to new heights? In a world where our lives are intertwined with digital technology, harnessing the power of social media has become the holy grail of brand promotion. But in the vast realm of social media marketing, one approach stands out—Influencer Marketing. It’s not just effective; it’s a game-changer. This blog will unravel the secrets of influencer marketing and how it can propel your tourism business to unparalleled success. From the picturesque landscapes of Instagram to the trustworthiness of authentic campaigns, let’s explore how influencers are redefining the tourism industry’s marketing landscape.

Social media marketing:

We’re living in a digital age where every aspect of our lives is influenced by technology. Of course, business and marketing are no exception. As such, it is impossible to succeed in business without the help of digital marketing. Social media apps are one of these digital technologies and perhaps the most sought after of them all. Around 50% of people in the world have an active account on one of the social networks. This provides businesses with a fantastic opportunity to build brand identity and boost sales.

However, marketing on social media is not such an easy task. You need to build a social media marketing strategy with smart goals to gain followers and direct them to the sales page. There are a handful of techniques that help brands increase their awareness and reach a high return on investment (known as ROI). Among them, influencer marketing is very different and effective.

Influencer marketing:

An influencer is someone who wields influence over a dedicated online following, often in a particular niche. With people paying attention to what influencers say or suggest, many brands try to collaborate with them. Social media has provided this chance for everyone to draw social attention and gain fame. There are countless social media users who try to appear different in a certain field in an effort to get more followers.

On the other hand, brands and marketers have found it easy and cost-effective to take advantage of influencer marketing. Many of them have reported a significant ROI for their influencer campaigns. So, a profitable market has emerged for influencers during the last decade. For example, Social Tradia says that there is a trend of selling Instagram accounts and that this is going to skyrocket. Niche influencers are at the core of this billion-dollar business and many brands try to make them their company’s advocate.

Tourism influencer marketing:

The tourism industry is one of those niches that are heavily affected by influencer marketing. Instagram in particular plays a pivotal role in this trend and has, therefore, gained the attention of both influencers and business owners alike.

A variety of multimedia-based features of Instagram such as posts, stories, Live, and IGTV have made it unique among the alternatives. It provides travel influencers with exactly what they need: a high-resolution social appearance.

So, influencers provide travel content to inspire social users to travel to where they suggest. On the other hand, tour owners and other businesses related to travel try to collaborate with influencers to harness their impact. To know how much travel and tourism are important in the eye of social users, it’s good to look at the profile of some travel influencers. Here are several of the top travel influencers on Instagram:

@muradosmann(opens in a new tab)
Murad Osman has about 4 million followers and is one of the most famous travel influencers on Instagram. Forbes has mentioned him as a top travel influencer in 2017. He has invented one of the most used themes in traveling. In a lot of pictures, his partner has taken his hand guiding him to breathtaking scenery.

instagram feed with different images of woman facing away from camera

@chrisburkard(opens in a new tab)
Chris Burkard owns a phenomenally successful Instagram account related to travel. Photography is his expertise and he also works as a speaker and director. His account on Instagram is a must-see profile with around 3.5 million followers.

instagram feed of photos of beautiful landscapes

@izkiz(opens in a new tab)
Jennifer Tuffen is a diver and a British travel influencer on Instagram. She is familiar with a variety of nations and cultures.

instagram feed with images of flowers and clear blue water

@doyoutravel(opens in a new tab)
Jack Morris has had the chance to experience every region of the world and is one of the best choices for travel influencer marketing. He is actually a professional who has been able to gain more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. He has worked with Airbnb, Uber, Royal Caribbean, and many other brands.

Tips for travel influencer marketing:

Just like any other career, influencer marketing also has its techniques. Both business owners and influencers need to take care, and be aware, of their message. Being responsible for what you say and suggest is the first and most important thing to remember in an influencer campaign.

If you’re reading this and find yourself in the unique position where you’ve cultivated a strong online presence on your social media platforms and your business offers the flexibility for self-conducted influencer marketing, or if you aspire to do so, here are tips to enhance your travel influencer marketing.

Informative content is paramount:

Influencer marketing is introducing unknown destinations by bringing them to the public eye. This is an unprecedented trend during the history of traveling in which everyone in the world can broadcast their travel preferences.

If you want to gain fame as a travel influencer, you need to provide social users with something new. You need to create compelling content about exploring little-known places and encourage social users to discover these new destinations for themselves. Provide them with new information about different regions and become an expert in this field.

Instagram themes work miracle for travel influencers:

Instagram feed themes have recently drawn the attention of many social users, especially influencers. A theme makes your feed stylish in terms of color, content, and arrangement.

Travel influencers need themes more than other users because they have to attract the attention of visitors with the first glance. A consistent, visually appealing feed on Instagram will certainly influence social users and increase followers. So, try to define a certain style for yourself and use it in all posts.

Engagement is a must:

Apart from good content and a stylish appearance, you need a friendly relationship with your followers. Keep in mind that this is social media, and it’s not only for business. Make sure you’re not too promotional in the eye of followers because they might unfollow you and this can dent your reputation. Interact with your followers and use their comments and feedback in your posts. Try sharing user-generated content to save time and get higher engagement rates.

The importance of influencer marketing and its role in the travel industry is evident. Travel influencers on Instagram have millions of followers, which highlights that all tour and activity operators need to think about collaborating.

Three final points to remember:

  1. The Search for Authenticity: In 2023, authenticity and transparency are highly valued on social media. Users are seeking genuine content from brands and influencers, shifting away from overly polished and manipulated content. This aligns with the importance of trust and authenticity in influencer marketing.
  2. UGC and the Evolution of Influencer Marketing: User-generated content (UGC) is gaining prominence in 2023. This involves reusing public content, such as satisfied customers sharing their experiences. Brands can use UGC to strengthen customer relationships and build trust, which is essential in influencer marketing.
  3. Short Videos and Reels – The Rise of Snack Content: Short videos and snackable content are trending on social media. These formats are visually appealing and engage the audience effectively. For influencer marketing in tourism, creating short, impactful content can be a valuable strategy to capture attention and evoke emotions in potential travelers.

Remember, influencer marketing is not just a trend; it’s your key to success in the dynamic world of tourism. As we navigate through 2023, the authenticity, user-generated content, and engaging short-form videos are the foundation of this strategy. By embracing these trends, you’re not only inspiring wanderlust but also encouraging deeper connections with travelers seeking genuine experiences. Time to embrace and collaborate with this influencer-led journey and watch your tourism business soar to new heights.

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