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There’s the backpackers and the flashpackers. The adventurous and those that prefer five-star treatment. And you can’t forget about the businessmen or the family of five. The honeymooners or the spring breakers.

As a tour operator, you need to learn to cater to this massively diverse group of people. Or at least some of them.

The thing is though, as varied as travelers are — they all share one thing in common:

They all love saving money.

That’s not to say that they are all willing to save their hard-earned cash at the expense of sacrificing quality. It’s actually the opposite. They, like the rest of us, are looking to get the best bang for their buck. So, what do travelers do? They search for great deals.

And more and more of them are turning to The Top Travel Club(opens in a new tab) where they can save on accommodations, tours, activities, cruises, flights and transportation.

So, what’s it all about, you ask?

Say Tom is planning a trip of a lifetime to Australia. He’s booked his flight and some hotel rooms. And he’s starting to notice a trend — a trend in his bank account that is. All of that hard-earned cash is starting to mysteriously evaporate into thin air (at least that’s how he rationalizes it — who wants to admit that they actually have spent an absurd amount of money).

Tom still wants to make it super special. And actually, he has his heart set on going on a tour of the Great Ocean Road. Not just any tour though — Tom wants to hangout with some koalas, check out some beaches and maybe visit a rainforest while he’s at it. (Basically, he wants to pretend that he’s a reincarnated version of Steve Irwin.) But his wallet is now SHOUTING at him.

It may have been his wallet’s desperate pleas, or it could have been fate intervening. Whatever it was, he stumbled across a 10% savings on The Top Travel Club’s website.

He pays his $75 annual membership fee and books the tour. In fact, now that he has this membership, he uses The Top Travel Club to book most of his tours and activities, for Australia and for anywhere else he’s going. He can even book activities for his family and friends!

So, how do you target Tom and the MILLIONS of other travelers signed up for The Top Travel Club and partner sites like Hotelsetc(opens in a new tab)?

Register(opens in a new tab) with them for free. And in this case, free means free. They literally take no commission off of sales. Their only requirement is that tour operators offer exclusive online deals to their members.

So, not only are you getting access to a surplus of international travelers, but you are also getting:

  • An increase in web traffic because guests are directed to your site to make the booking (The Top Travel Club does not directly sell any of the activities or services)
  • An unlimited number of listings for your tours
  • Free advertising and marketing
  • A free family membership (worth 75 USD) for travel savings in over 100 countries

And more(opens in a new tab)!

Time to start turning Tom and his millions of friends out there into real-life customers. Their wallets will be happy — and so will yours.

If you are looking for more ways to improve your web presence and attract those elusive tourists, check out our post here.

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