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Tourism Tiger doesn’t just build sites for our customers and then leave them to fend for themselves in the cyber-universe. Following the launch of sites, we also have our comprehensive website support service TigerCare(opens in a new tab).

In part one What is TigerCare we covered everything that TigerCare is and isn’t(opens in a new tab). We take care of a lot for the site, but we also want you to understand some things that you can do as a customer to maximize the value of the service. The main theme here is that you know your business, operation, and customers better than we ever will – and that knowledge transfers over to the site! Therefore, communicating with us about your business is a crucial step. We’ll also address the most commonly asked questions about the service and its processes.

Maximizing the Value of the Service as a Customer?

The clients who see the most value from TigerCare are the ones who are consistently in touch with us. No question or comment is too trivial! Want to update a photo; send us a quick email. Not sure how to utilize a new plug-in; let us know. If you have a concern or question about anything related to the site, simply reach out and ask us what our thoughts are on the matter.

  1. Communication – if there is something you need done on the site, or you have plans and want advice on what to do regarding the site, we need to know! While we are proactively checking the sites for errors and updating them, we cannot predict if you want to, say, change the departure time for a tour. A great example of our additional commitment to your site is we are happy to update photos and testimonials. However, we cannot take photos of your tours, and we won’t make up testimonials for the site, so we rely on our clients to let us know when they have new media. Customers maximize TigerCare by notifying us of their new content, sending it over to our team, and then we can use that media to spruce up the site and keep it relevant.
  2. Commitment – we are committed to making our clients’ sites the best that they can possibly be, but at the end of the day, we do not know our clients’ businesses as well as they do. We always ask our clients to inquire with their customers about their thoughts about the site, so we can make adjustments according to on-the-ground feedback. This can also help you decide what new plugins will be most valuable to your customers. Unless you want them all, of course!
  3. Reports – Effective communication is a two-way street. That is why we send our customers monthly newsletters full of useful information about all the new features and updates available, plus other practical advice. This is a great resource to find out what new options you want to add to your site. TigerCare also includes three annual website performance meetings, where we offer feedback on your site. Our ultimate goal is to help you sell tours with your beautiful website, after all.
  4. Best Practice – An important component of TigerCare is continual improvements and features, including “best practice” options. For example, a new plug-in to make websites accessible is very popular right now.


Additional Frequently Asked Questions About TigerCare

If you still find yourself with further questions after part one, and checking out the information about TigerCare available on our site did not help, you should find your answer here. (opens in a new tab) We spoke with our team here at TourismTiger to see what people commonly ask about TigerCare when considering building a site with us. From marketing and sales, to building with content and design, here is a solid list of the most common questions we are asked at various stages of our processes before TigerCare.

Can I cancel TigerCare?

Yes. At any time, if you feel that you need to leave the service, you can leave. We offer the service on a no-contract basis, so as long as you give us 30-days notice, we can give you anything you would need to transfer the site and leave the service.

Can I pause TigerCare?

No. TigerCare is set up for continuity. The main reason for this is hosting. If you were to transfer off of our hosting and then back after a period of time, we would likely have to re-do any edits that were done to the site during that time. Moreover, transferring hosting can be a lengthy, complicated process. The other concern is the theme. Once you leave TigerCare your site will not be connected to our theme updates and you or a developer would have the ability to make your own changes or modifications to your website’s core theme in the meantime. Coming back to our service could possibly require an overhaul of your website’s theme – which can also cause technical difficulties that would take time to fix. It is possible to rejoin the service, however, we will charge a rejoining fee based on the complexity and difficulties covered above.

Can I add more than one page per month?

Yes, but at an additional cost. If you provide the content, the cost is $75 USD to build the extra page. If you want us to write the content and build the page, the cost is then $150 USD.

Does TigerCare offer training?

In how to care for actual tigers? No. In website editing on our custom theme? Yes! We have basic training videos related to how our theme works and to help clients edit the site on their own if they want to. If a client wants training outside of what those videos cover, we help with that as well. We hop on a call, share the screen so you can see the process, and walk you through step by step on how to edit the item you want to.

Is there a number to call for support?

We do not currently offer phone support for incoming calls due to logistical reasons. If clients need to hop on a call with us for any reason, they simply need to email us so we can set up a call.

Do you provide email hosting?

No. Email hosting is done on entirely different servers than website hosting, and we like to leave email hosting to the pros, like Google and Microsoft.

Does the site have to be 100% ready before launching the site and starting on TigerCare?

Not at all! While it would be best to have it as ready as possible for launch, ultimate perfection is not required. We commonly see clients wanting to delay site launch because they are worried that they are going to be left alone with a site that they do not know how to change, and they want their site to be perfect. TigerCare is tailor-made for issues like this. Anything that is not handled in the three feedback stages during the site build, or anything that comes up last minute can be handled by TigerCare immediately after site launch, in order to help avoid delaying launch.

Do you do analytics tracking?

Yes. As a part of the build process, we request access to a client’s Google Analytics account so that we can access and place the tracking information onto the site. If you want to set up tracking of a specific event, that can be done as well. We will also set up the site on Google Search Console – which tracks the site’s performance in Google. This is the type of data that we then bring up with clients during review calls.

Do you provide local hosting?

Local hosting is when you store a site on a personal computer or machine. We run our hosting through Flywheel, and not Flywheel Local – which means we host through servers. If you wanted to set up local hosting, that would cancel the TigerCare service, as we rely on the hosting for certain updates.

What happens if there’s an emergency on the weekend?

Our host, Flywheel, offers 24/7 emergency support for website outage. Should the site ever go down outside of our office hours (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM GMT-3), you can email their emergency address and they’ll help you get your site back up and running.

What if I have more questions?

You guessed it- contact us(opens in a new tab)!

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