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Learning about Instagram’s tips and tricks for business sales often affords business owners incredible opportunities to reach their target audience and drive sales even more. No matter business is too big or too small for these services — they are guaranteed to help you in the best way possible. In September 2017, Instagram announced that the business community will grow to 2 million advertisers; that’s a huge increase, considering they were at only 1 million in March of the same year. This clearly illustrates the value such business opportunities have.

From major bands to local shops, businesses around the world are demonstrating proven results with Instagram. According to a recent report, around 75% of Instagram users will take decisive action — like visiting a website or making a purchase — after seeing an Instagram ad. If you have not started optimizing your Instagram account for sales, you’re missing out on some great opportunities. Over at blastup(opens in a new tab), we have some tips that are designed to help you actually make sales on Instagram. If you’re interested in learning even more about these tips (than what we’ve written here), head on over to blastup(opens in a new tab) and get signed up. We’ll offer you a real-time Instagram Q&A as a gift for signing up with us!

1. Optimize your current Instagram business profile.

Start really selling your tours or activities on Instagram by optimizing your current business profile. Instagram profiles are quickly becoming a species of homepage essential for big and small businesses alike — more and more customers these days are turning to Instagram instead of Google when searching for certain brands. This means that they’re likely spending more time and effort curating their Instagram feed than you may be creating a website.

There are some elements that every Instagram business profile should have. First and foremost is your profile photo. Here, you get the chance to choose an on-brand photo, like a logo. This facilitates your potential customers identifying your brand immediately.

Then you have to work on your bio. This biography needs to be well-crafted and attention-grabbing. It should include a clear description of the business that speaks to your target audience and displays a unique selling point or two.

Ultimately, you want people to visit your website, so you need to link directly to your website, right? That’s where the URL portion of your bio comes in. Clicking that link will redirect potential customers to your site, so this is a perfect place to just drive traffic from your Instagram posts and stories straight on over to your website. .

As a bonus, you can create a unique URL for your website. That way, you can track some of the visits to website from Instagram and see how you are doing in terms of directing traffic.
An obvious (though maybe not so obvious) piece of advice is to check successful business accounts on Instagram for some inspiration. These profiles will include an on-brand profile picture, a unified feed aesthetic, and an eye-catching bio. Remember that an Instagram business profile is the primary opportunity to create a good impression and even to entice people to follow your business or look at your products (or tours). By working on a consistent brand story and aesthetic, you’ll turn new customers into some of your most devoted followers. In summary, this is an extremely useful way to improve your sales.

2. Taking advantage of Instagram ads to reach your target audience(s).

With Instagram’s algorithm being constantly updated, the competition to have content seen has heightened substantially. Instagram ads have become a major component of the Instagram marketing strategy. Once you have properly set up your business profile, you can decide how you want to spend time and money on ads, including where you might want the ad to be seen and how long you want it to run.

Running your very own Instagram ad campaign is not difficult, but it can be intimidating to smaller business owners and influencers, especially when it’s their first time. Don’t worry though, you’re in luck!

The easy way to run ads is to simply promote posts that you have shared on Instagram. Select the post that you want to boost, then tap on the “promote” button (once it has been posted, of course). Here, you have a few choices to make. You’ll set up your budget (how much you want to spend on the ad campaign, which then determines how long your ad will run and the like) as well as your audience. Instagram amazingly has the power to show your post to an audience of your choice: choosing the age range, interests, and genders you want to promote to makes sure that your post is seen by the right people. Once you’ve finished setting up the budget and audience for your campaign, give the add one last look before you tap the “confirm” button.

If you’re not 100% ready to commit a large budget, start small! Test drive your ad for a few days and track how it performs (you’ll click on “view result” at the bottom left corner of the ad). That way, you can test run a few ads before you make a larger monetary commitment to just one.

To finish up your selling on Instagram education, remember that these ads take practice to get the results that you want. Keep tweaking your boosted posts and your audience parameters; it’s a classic trial-and-error game. You’ll find your sweet spot eventually! Maybe you consider including a message to clearly explain how to buy… Figuring out what works for you and your audience takes time, so be patient!

Once you start following the steps here, the results will always follow(opens in a new tab). What are you waiting for? Starting selling effectively on Instagram and growing the value of your business to another level today!

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