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The rising popularity and growth of social media marketing has presented an exceptional opportunity for tour businesses. In just a few short years, Facebook has become the go-to platform for most brands and marketers. And with approximately 2.41 billion active users monthly(opens in a new tab), it is no wonder tour operators are turning to Facebook. While the platform might have originally started with the relatively simple intent of connecting people, it has morphed into one of the biggest social media networks in the world. Now Facebook is a marketplace wherein brands and businesses can potentially connect with over two billion people worldwide.

The best way that a business can utilize Facebook in ecommerce marketing campaigns is through the use of Facebook Ads. When used properly targeted ads not only help to boost your business’ exposure, but also to enhance brand loyalty.

If you’re running a travel and tours business, here are some Facebook Ads tactics that will help boost your ecommerce sales:

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences is a powerful tool that lets you create a list of clients you’d like to advertise to based on their emails, Facebook IDs, and phone numbers. This is arguably one of the most important Facebook Ad tools as it allows you to define and target your ideal market.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • Turn existing customers into loyal fans: Custom Audiences lets you reach out to your existing customers and convert them into loyal Facebook fans. In the Custom Audience Tool, simply upload your customer list and then target them via Page Like Ads.
  • Target them with relevant offers and promotions: Another excellent idea is to target previous newsletter subscribers and customers with relevant offers and discounts to reward them for their loyalty.
  • Reward brand evangelists: Every business has a band of loyal followers. They share business updates and news, recommend your tour company, and proactively talk about you and your business in a positive way. Identify these people, and give them exclusive offers and rewards. For example, if you have a new product allow them to be one of the first in line to purchase/experience your offerings.

Lookalike Audiences

Both small and large tour businesses can utilize Lookalike Audiences to expand their client base. Simply put, a Lookalike Audience is a way for tour operators to identify who is likely interested in their product based on the similarities they share with current clients.

A large client base better allows you to create an accurate Lookalike Audience as you’ll have more data from your seed audience. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that you include brand advocates and repeat customers as part of your seed audience.

If you’re still struggling to define your audience, check out this small business resource guide(opens in a new tab).

Facebook Dynamic Ads

If you haven’t included Facebook Dynamic Ads in your existing strategy, then you’re completely missing out on an opportunity to remarket. Dynamic Ads target prospective shoppers based on their behavior, meaning your ads target Facebook users with the products they have shown interest in. Remember that cost-effective conversions lie in optimization. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Monitor the product availability
  • Plan the frequency
  • Tweak your headlines and optimize your copy to keep it fresh
  • Test and tweak the bid strategies
  • Focus on your more profitable products

Multi-product Carousel Ads

Facebook now lets you select a multi-product carousel advert, which can boost your click-through rate and decrease costs. This compelling and interactive feature can draw more prospects to your brand as it displays a wide variety of products and services (without the user having to leave the page they’re on). Another benefit is that you’re showing a group of products that work together. In this way you can utilize the opportunity to tell a story or explain to your audience how these products interact.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel gives you essential information that you can utilize to create better ads and to better target your clients. It is an analytics tool which allows you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, as well as where and what your clients are looking at on your page/site. Facebook Pixel sees to it that you’re targeting audiences you really care about, and therefore those who see your ad are more likely to take the desired action. This lets you boost your Facebook ad conversion rates and improve your ROI (return on investment).

Retargeting Campaign

A lot of prospects end up leaving their carts without buying anything. Interestingly, only a small portion who abandoned their carts will come back. To get them back, you need to run a retargeting campaign. If you’re spending a lot of cash convincing people to buy your products and services, then it’s also worth targeting people who are interested in what you have to sell. You can start running retargeting campaigns along with discounts, coupons, and other enticing offers.

Facebook and Instagram Combo

Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms these days. Why not harness the power of both by using them hand-in-hand to boost your Facebook ad campaign? Combining Facebook Ads with Instagram is a highly effective, and incredibly simple, strategy. You can easily combine the two through the Power Editor and Ads Manager. All you need to do is to check the Instagram box in your settings.

Use Quality Images

Most people want to see high-quality photos before deciding to make a purchase. In fact, 93 percent of the most engaging posts on Facebook(opens in a new tab) are images. Especially as a tour business, yol need to make sure you’re using images that are enticing enough to make your clients stop scrolling. Your images should be clear, self-explanatory, and professional. You should also convey the value of the product you’re selling via the images you use. For instance, if you’re selling package tours to the Maldives, show someone availing of that package and having fun. Use real photos of your clients out on a tour and enjoying themselves. Show your prospects what their life will look like once they avail of your travel and tours services.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about Facebook Ads is that you can utilize it regardless of where your clients are in their customer journey. They can help you hit your targets, as well as increase your followers, engagements, leads, and sales. The best part? Facebook Ads are just a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising.

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