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We all know that webinars are a simple and effective way to improve ourselves. Webinars can increase knowledge about a specific sector. They are an opportunity to familiarize yourself with industry leaders and even to find the names and companies of like-minded people that you can network with. Webinars are also extremely convenient. You don’t have to go anywhere and they can connect thousands of people from around the world in the same virtual space.

Is it possible, however, that webinars are sometimes too convenient? Often in the midst of a busy workday, webinars are the first item on the chopping block. Most allow you to record the webinar for free and send you the webinar presentation after. This convenience provides us with easy excuses not to pay close attention or simply not to attend. We often think that we will take the time to revisit this topic but with the busy lives that most of us lead this simple task often gets left by the way-side. Furthermore, webinars can cause us to make connections to something else we need to learn or something we could develop in our businesses. Perhaps it was just the spark of an idea that you jotted in a notebook and haven’t had time to circle back to.

Now, when business is slow, is a great time to catch up on webinars! This can mean watching through those webinars that have been gathering dust in your inbox. This is the perfect time for a revisit. Chances are if you signed up for the webinar in the first place it was because it was on a topic that captured you. Perhaps it deals with a problem you are still having or an area of knowledge you have been wanting to gain for a while.

It can also be helpful to look through the notes you took in recent webinars you have attended. Did you see someone else on the invite list you were going to reach out to? Draft an email! Did something someone said in a recent webinar motivate you to finally update your website? You may have just found yourself a new quarantine project. Give us a call!(opens in a new tab) Was there a section of a recent webinar that was difficult for you to understand? This would be a great opportunity to pull up a couple of articles on the subject and see if you can’t educate yourself further. Why not become your company’s expert on that complicated topic? It certainly won’t hurt you down the line!

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