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We’ve spoken a lot about using this downtime to prepare for the future. So when Chris Torres released his article(opens in a new tab) on the possible demographics to market to post-pandemic, it instantly sparked our interest. Recent advice has been to rethink your audience and get creative with the products that you are offering. But many tour operators feel this would mean drastically moving away from their current business model. Chris’ article highlights the diverse range of demographics to target, meaning you don’t have to start again from scratch. 

The article gives a breakdown of five different groups to focus your marketing efforts on, and we’ve picked out the two we found the most interesting. Firstly, the baby boomers. The self-isolation measures imposed around the world have forced the over 60s to get technical. Their eyes have been opened to the benefits of the online world and many are spending more time on social media. It’s a great opportunity to change your marketing strategy to include this demographic. Chris even suggests adapting tours to suit them, by focusing on their interests or outlining their needs. This can easily be done by making small changes to include them.

The second group that stood out to us was local businesses looking for team building activities. We’ve all experienced the difficulties of a group conference call, or the need to discuss an issue face-to-face rather than over email. But with months of remote working ahead of us, the return to the office may come as a shock to the system. The article recommends offering morale-boosting team activities, this could be anything from an escape room to a group cooking lesson. You could even adapt a walking tour to the team bonding theme by adding a group quiz at the end. 

Don’t forget to research these groups because they’re not your usual customers who you know inside out. A little extra work could make a big difference. If you’re trying to keep a tight hold on your spending, try chatting to friends or family who make up those demographics to get an idea of what they want from a tour and what social media channels they are using.

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