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Rezdy is one of the most used booking platforms in the tourism industry. Thus, it is no wonder that the folks at Redzy are staying on top of the developing global situation with COVID-19. They, like us here at Tourism Tiger(opens in a new tab), are pros when it comes to all things tourism.

Even if people are staying at home right now, that doesn’t mean they have lost their desire to see the world. In fact, as we often want what we can’t have, it may mean just the opposite. As everything from work to happy hour moves online, the tour industry is no exception. Now more than ever people want to escape from their immediate reality and travel to far-flung destinations, so let them!

More and more tour companies are beginning to offer virtual tours. This allows people to travel to your destination without leaving their living room. They are a great way to reach new audiences and provide solace to people who may have had to cancel their reservations. Who knows, people who join in on your virtual tours now might become IRL customers next year. This could also be a way to bring revenue in during these difficult times.

There are plenty of technologies out there to help you transport people from their homes to the site they are wishing to visit. We recommend you take some time to think about what most tempts people to visit you and your tour company. Then, brainstorm if any aspect of that could be transmitted through the internet. If it’s food, have people cook along with you. Does your company have knowledgeable guides? Have them host a webinar. Do you love your city because it is filled with music? Make a Spotify playlist and then host a music discussion with live music. The possibilities are endless!

We recommend you check out this Rezdy article(opens in a new tab) on virtual tours for even more great ideas.

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