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These quick tips are designed to help you get through these hard times. If you have any tips that you want to share, send them to in a new tab)

The tours and activities communities are really coming together to help each other through Corona Times. While it is unfortunate that it is necessary, it is beautiful to see.

Tourism Tiger has been doing our part. Our Facebook group Tour Operators United(opens in a new tab) is full of tour operators sharing advice and stories. Our daily quick tips(opens in a new tab) give you the good news of the day, stories about what other tourism companies are doing, and DIY tips to help your business stay in business. Our Twitter feed(opens in a new tab) is full of all the tourism industry news of the day. And our podcast(opens in a new tab) provides entertainment and information.

Now we’re branching out to bring you even more.

Thursday 26 March, at noon EDT, we are hosting a Quick Chat(opens in a new tab). It is an open discussion on COVID-19’s impact on the tourism industry.

This is a space for positivity! We’ve all had our breakdown moments. Now is the time to stand up, look the virus in the eye, and say we’re not gonna take it. We are asking that you submit a question or tip and you can get advice from the experts – your colleagues.

We’re limiting the time to 30 minutes so that you’ll have the rest of your day free to put those ideas into practice. We’re also limiting the number of participants so that everyone on the call has the opportunity to be heard. When you sign up for the Quick Chat(opens in a new tab), please submit a suggestion or question; it will help to keep the call organized so we can give you as many tips and tricks as possible!

As space is limited, please sign up only if you are able to attend. If you’re unable to attend at that time, send me an email using the email address above and I’ll be sure that you get the information from this call as well as first dibs on any future calls.

I hope to see you there!

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