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Welcome webinar attendees! You are here because Tourism Tiger has an enticing offer for you. Along with purchasing and having a new, state-of-the-art website, we are offering clients VIP access to our new TigerCare services. Our new services include link profiling, keyword tracking, and installation, set-up and in-depth analysis of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We expand on these services below in more detail but for now, we have 2 options for you:


Spend a minimum of $4000 on your website build

and get ALL THREE:

Google Analytics & Search Console Setup

Backlink Profiling Setup

Keyword Tracking Setup



Spend less than $4000 on your website build

and get your choice of:

Google Analytics & Search Console Setup

Backlink Profiling Setup

Keyword Tracking Setup


The Three New Services
Google Analytics & Search Console (RRP $300)

Goal: Expand your knowledge into how users and Google are interacting with their sites

Service: Setting up Google Analytics & Search Console, with monthly reports that can create a fantastic base for a marketing/site strategy

Why Choose This: Looking at your Analytics allows you to see what works, what doesn’t, and how you can improve pages for better conversions. We can interpret this data for you and make any necessary changes for you.

Backlink Profiling (RRP $350)

Goal: Increase your off-page SEO to drive more relevant traffic to your site

Service: We will deliver a link profile and helpful insights on how to continue building that profile

Why Choose This: There is more to SEO than the text on your website. Our SiteProfiler and LinkMiner tools allow us to dive into your and your competitors link profile and suggest adjustments that Google will love.

Keyword Tracking (RRP $300)

Goal: Increase your on-page SEO to drive more relevant traffic to their site

Service: Creating & tracking a list of keywords that you are interested in ranking for, delivering insights toward their keyword goals. Advising on their current on-page SEO

Why Choose This: On-page SEO is easy if you know the right keywords. This service combines 3 tools to give you key insights on your site’s performance, estimates visits coming from your keyword list, and tells you what keywords to keep or lose.

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