Why Should You Know Your Site's Google Analytics and Search Console Data?

Knowing the performance of your channels of traffic can show you where you need to improve digital efforts

Tracking various events around your site can be extremely helpful for marketing efforts

Find out what search queries are bringing visitors to your site

While mobile traffic is the new trend, your site may still be seeing more traffic from desktop - plus knowing what operating systems they are using

How It Works

Analytics will show you how users interact with your site, and Search Console will show you how Google interacts with your site. Those are two fantastic base data sets to be looking at when determining how to grow your business via the website. Already have them set up? No problem! We can also help you analyze the data.

Check out the simple steps below!

The first step to the process is to set these platforms up and give them access to your site. Once the set up is done, if you have a WordPress site, we can also add a special made plugin for an extra cost that will allow us to track any event possible on the site. The plugin also gets rid of third party code from Google that can slow down your site. If you already have Analytics and Search Console set up, then we can skip right on to the second step.


Once they are set up, the next step is to begin reading the data from both platforms. We will take a look at what type of traffic is coming to your site as well as how it is behaving and then we will take a look at how your site performs in Google’s SERP results.


Once we have gone through all the data, we will provide our expert advice and compile it all into one report for you to read. Every month, we will provide updates on the data and help you figure out what pathways your site should follow.

How The Reports Work:

Initial Set Up & Report


Set Up & Starting Point

initial report

Set Up Analytics & Search Console For Your Site

Install Our Tracking Plugin ($75 Cost)

Look At Current Data To Establish a Starting Point for Data Analysis

Glossary of Terms Included

Monthly Reports


Updates On All Data

other monthly stuff

Updates On Acquisition & Behavior

In Depth Updates On Organic Traffic

Updates On Ranking Performance In Google

Why Choose Tourism Tiger?

We maintain sites for over 100 active clients and monitor their Analytics and Search Console data. We have seen many variations of data on these platforms and with access to the sites and communication with clients have seen many solutions to these variations as well.

From the onset, you’ll be part of the process. We want to hear your feedback and ideas — your satisfaction is our main goal!

By monitoring how visitors and Google are interacting with your site on a monthly basis, your site can be very reactive towards attracting more relevant, stronger traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of traffic can Analytics track?


There are many types of traffic that Analytics tracks. The most common ones, however, are organic, paid, social, and direct. Our service will show you what to make of each channel as well as how to affect them.

What will you need in order to set these up?


In order to set up Analytics, we will simply need access to the backend of your site so that we can input the tracking code or install our tracking plugin. For Search Console, we will need access to the domain registrar in order to add a DNS record.

How long do the reports take?


The initial set up and report should take no more than 2 weeks. As the set up will depend on some items from your end,  any delay there can affect the timeline. The monthly reports will take 1 week as they are updates on the data.

Can I cancel the reports?


You can cancel the reports at any time. We offer this service on a no-contract basis.

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