Why Create a Custom API Integration?

Changing booking software can be a troublesome process

Your booking software is a good fit, but the layout doesn't work

You want to create a smoother booking process for your customers

You want to recreate the booking process you've seen elsewhere

Your business has outgrown the standard plug-and-go integration

You're trying to stand out from the crowd

How It Works

Want to change the layout of your booking software without changing companies? With our custom API integrations, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert developers will work with your API to tailor the online booking experience.

Check out the simple steps below!
Step 1
Step 1

Give us a detailed explanation and examples of what you want your booking process to look like and where you would like the integration to show up on the site.

Step 2
Step 2

Our developers will create a custom integration using your booking software API that will follow your specifications. We will then set it up for use on the site.

Step 3
Step 3

The final step is feedback. We understand that it may be difficult to envision how you want the integration before seeing some of it done. We will allow 3 rounds of feedback for any changes or improvements to be requested after seeing the product.

What We Can Do

Customization is Everything

Starting at $350
Customize Your Booking Flow

Price is Affected by Complexity of Request

Add or Remove Steps From the Booking Process

Incorporate Booking into Your Page or Open into A New Page

Make Your Booking Flow Fit Your Business

Add Optional Extras to Your Booking Process

Create Timeline, Calendar, or Catalog Views

Why Choose Tourism Tiger?

Having worked with over 100 tour and activity websites worldwide, we’ve integrated our fair share of booking systems.

From the onset, you’ll be part of the process. We want to hear your feedback and ideas — your satisfaction is our main goal!

A Custom API Integration gives you the best of both worlds. Work with your favored booking software, and customize the customer flow for your unique product.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on the complexity of the request but we will be able to give a definitive timeline after initial assessment of the project.

Seeing as this involves both the booking software and your site, we will need access to both. With the booking software, access to an API key is essential, as that allows us to develop a custom booking process with the software.

This is a one time project. Once we go through the feedback process and you are happy with the finished project, there is no recurring cost or further work to be done.

Absolutely! Once completed, there will be up to 3 rounds of feedback where you can note things that need to be changed or where you can implement new ideas on the integration.

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