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What Are Travel Bubbles and How Can They Help Tourism?


A travel bubble: the act of governments allowing people in specific areas to resume travelling without quarantine restrictions. With most of the world starting to carefully ease lockdown restraints, some countries have begun to discuss how to reopen the tourism industry and economy.

In April, both prime ministers from Australia and New Zealand announced plans to open a ‘trans-Tasman Covid-safe travel zone‘, allowing travellers to move between the two countries as current lockdown restrictions begin to soften.

Other countries following suit recently include Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, and their proposal is to allow people to travel freely between their respective countries. Juri Ratas, the Estonian prime minister said on Twitter that the three countries will be hoping to implement this from May 15th and “It’s a big step towards life as normal“.

The Australian and New Zealand governments haven’t reached an exact date, though New Zealand’s foreign minister Winston Peters stated: “Time is of the essence in terms of both of our economies and if we have confidence in each other, and the same systems and see ourselves as one for the purpose of economic recovery, then I think it will be a whole lot sooner than people think.”

Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister also told reporters recently “If there’s any country in the world with whom we can reconnect with first, undoubtedly that’s New Zealand”.

Countries like New Zealand have been widely applauded for their successful managing of the pandemic, putting them in a strong position to begin easing travel restrictions. The overall idea is to kickstart the tourism economy in a domestic sense and return a sense of freedom and normality.

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