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You may have seen the hashtag #TourismStrong cropping up in pictures and posts online over the last couple of months. It’s been used around the world to promote common behaviour amongst tour operators such as asking for guests to postpone trips instead of cancelling. This hashtag has begun to symbolize the unity across the tourism industry and to encourage all of us to keep battling on. At Tourism Tiger, we have been stressing the importance of sharing advice(opens in a new tab) and reaching out to the global tourism community, also an essential idea of The #TourismStrong Project(opens in a new tab). Information, advice, and communication–all in one place.

Created by a “group of tourism industry professionals in a volunteer effort to spread community and positivity”, the project is an act of defiance against the devastating effects of the pandemic. As well as creating a safe space for tour operators to communicate, look for, and share positive inspiration, the volunteers have organized the endless resources that have come out of the tourism community and gathered them in one easily accessible spot.

The site itself is very much in the early stages and still needs fleshing out, but it definitely has great potential and is worth checking out. This is where the volunteers come in, anyone related to the tourism industry can volunteer: guides, business owners, or bloggers. Along with news, webinars, and educational links to key documents like the CARES Act, the site is also a platform for the community to share their own content. From the “shareable tourism videos” section, where volunteers can post their videos to demonstrate their love of tourism, to the weekly 40-minute Zoom chat sessions led by volunteers on a one-question topic, it’s clear that positivity and mental health are the foundations of this project.

The project appears on various social media platforms including Facebook(opens in a new tab), Instagram(opens in a new tab), Twitter(opens in a new tab), and Youtube(opens in a new tab). Using the #TourismStrong hashtag on your own posts can help contribute to spreading positivity in the community and connect you to other industry professionals. If you find yourself struggling with day-to-day tasks, volunteering is a great way to add structure to your day, give you some direction moving forward, and help keep you inspired you for what’s next. 

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