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Six travel organisations have recently banded together to form the Future of Tourism Coalition(opens in a new tab) (FTC). Individually, they are leaders of sustainable travel in their own right; together they are grouping together with the aim of putting sustainability at the core of the COVID-19 recovery effort.

The group consists of:

By coming together as a single voice, FTC hopes to shed light on the burden that tourism places on ecosystems, communities, and cultures, as expressed in the Travel Foundation’s article on ‘The Invisible Burden of Tourism(opens in a new tab)’. They note that without consideration of these impacts, tour and activity operators create businesses and practices on weak foundations. Therefore, the driving goal is to create an industry that is prepared for the real threats of climate change and future pandemics. They hope to achieve this through 13 guiding principles(opens in a new tab), which include: managing resources, land use, and economic distribution more effectively; understanding the bigger picture of tourism’s impact on communities and ecosystems; and, collaborating with all relevant parties on the policies, practices, and benefits of the industry.

They are seeking signatories(opens in a new tab) from all enterprises in the travel sector that are willing to commit to these principles and continue to work to create a future of tourism that is sustainable for every place and everyone involved.

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