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The rise of COVID-19 over the course of 2020 has certainly led to global tragedy. Humans, however, are an extremely adaptable species and have innovated in order to persevere. Travel, one of the industries most affected by the pandemic, has also been a breeding ground for creative thought and many tour and activity agencies have rolled out imaginative new programs for their prospective clients. These include small and private group tours, walking tours through remote locations, virtual tours, and rebranding schemes that focus on local audiences.

If you find yourself in need of some vision for your own tour and activity business, other agencies and their creative solutions can be an infinite pool of inspiration. Just make sure that you aren’t poaching the work of your direct competitors. Also, make sure that any idea that you use is appropriately adapted to your business niche!

RVN BBQ Tours(opens in a new tab) has launched the United State’s first-ever socially distanced food tour, focussed specifically on BBQ. Guests drive around town from destination to destination in their own vehicles in a caravan behind the guide. This allows them to feel safe and yet have a unique experience! Meanwhile, a variety of different walking tour companies offer the opportunity for visitors to take self-guided walks in national parks, while the tour company provides gear, transportation, and meals at various rest stops.

These are just two innovative examples but there are many more to be found. Get digging around the internet and see other creative ideas that the tourism industry has come up with. Even though most travel is prohibited at the moment, people are still in need of special experiences and escapism. How can your business give them the opportunity for that in the modern context?

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