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TourismTiger isn’t just another web design company (but at a lower price).

I’d happily put one of our websites up against a much more expensive one any day of the week, sure, but that’s just part of it. Web design isn’t just what happens before your website launches. It affects you 3 years later, when you’re trying to figure out if you need a new website. It affects you every time someone decides not to buy from you because of out-of-date information. Or if you lose a sale because your site wasn’t properly designed for getting bookings.

Here are the 11 key problems that TourismTiger solves:

Problem 1: Your website falls behind the times technologically and aesthetically because your web designer doesn’t keep it updated.

Solution: TourismTiger has a monthly fee which includes keeping all websites up to date with all technological changes. We are constantly working to improve and update our designs in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Problem 2: Your web designer knows little to nothing about tourism.

Solution: We’ve seen it all and know how to structure a website in the correct way. You don’t have to figure it all out — we have created written guides to help you create an excellent tour description and a brilliant “About Us” page. Follow our specifications which help you create an excellent logo and take incredible photos.

Problem 3: Your web designer is too busy chasing work and building websites to know what actually works. Instead, they just focus on following design trends.

A quick Google search can show you that using carousels (sliders) hurts sales, yet most web designers use them. Why did they never run that simple Google search? Because they just don’t have the inclination — most designers are designers, not marketers.

Problem 4: TourismTiger is built with no guesswork.

Our pages are built using proven, tested methods. Creativity is nice but not when it comes to a website, your most important asset.

Problem 5: Your web designer’s business model doesn’t include maintenance, so they take weeks to respond to simple requests.

Because we charge a monthly fee, we don’t resent or avoid requests to change content. And because we have an actual team, we can dedicate people to responding to requests. Because of this, we actually allow you to make as many requests as you want.

Problem 6: Your website isn’t built for mobile.

Our typical customer gets 50%+ of their traffic on mobile devices (one receives 95%!) A website that is not optimized for mobile burns money.

Once again, this is a business-model problem. Because all our websites sit on top of the same system, it’s not actually difficult to keep things updated and make sure your website works on any device.

All of our customers receive a mobile-optimization score of at least 98/100 from Google.

Problem 7: Your website isn’t built to Google’s speed and usability requirements.

Most web designers are not even aware of Google’s Pagespeed Insights(opens in a new tab), let alone able to optimize for their requirements. Our customers’ websites have seen steady improvements on Google’s metrics since we launched their sites, and we’re not stopping there.

Problem 8: Because web designers design different, unique layouts each time, they have no idea what works.

Using a tested template system like TourismTiger just makes sense. We’ve tested the elements on all browsers, on iPhones, iPads, and a silly variety of Android phones.

Problem 9: Your web designer has never heard of the booking software you just picked – and will often recommend a completely inappropriate alternative.

We work with your booking software, no problems. We have an existing relationship with your booking software provider and work directly with them to integrate your site.

Problem 10: Your web designer puts you onto cheap web hosting – and it’s costing you sales.

Speed makes a big difference to user experience and has a real impact on sales (about 2-5% of sales can be lost due to a slow website).

We manage your hosting for you (it’s all included in that monthly fee) and ONLY use the best. We keep tabs on who the best host is and can seamlessly switch to different host without our customers even noticing.

Problem 11: Your website isn’t built correctly for search engine optimization or Adwords.

Because we can systematically make changes to all the sites on our system, we’ve been able to make ongoing changes to the internal structure of the websites as best practices evolve.

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