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An unfortunate reality of the pandemic is the need for social distancing. While this is great for visitors being able to deal with fewer crowds and getting more attention from guides, the downside is that it means you have fewer customers. At this point in time, there is no way around this. So what are the best ways to manage guests to ensure social distancing requirements are enforced?

The first step is figuring out how many guests you can have to meet any government-mandated requirements. This varies dramatically around the world and is information that should be easily accessible to you online. It is important to remember that if you are running a part of your tour inside, you may have a reduced amount of permitted guests. As Rezdy recommends(opens in a new tab), it is also a good idea to think about any bottlenecks in your processes. Do all of your guests need to sign in at the same desk? Do you currently have enough staff to support these new processes? Have you reflected this in your tour duration or schedule?

Another important thing to remember is that with less capacity, you have a higher chance of double bookings. Keep organised in whatever way works best for you but always remember your resellers! This leads well to the final note: communicate. It is essential to keep your customers up to date on any changes but also to confirm when necessary that the tour is still going ahead. There is nothing worse than arriving at a tour or activity to discover that it had been cancelled. Keep your guests comfortable and confident and hopefully, they will return the favour with some positive reviews.

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