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In this quick video, I share with you a couple of ideas to create a great day for every family you interact with.

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively the best options for families, and make sure people understand for which age levels your trip is appropriate.
  2. Show children in your marketing materials. If your tour is child friendly, take care to emphasize this in tour descriptions. Show children in photos on your site so that prospective customers understand that you can cater to families. Even something that you may think would obviously cater to children may not be so obvious to another person.
  3. Bring things that parents need yet sometimes forget. Bring the stuff that people forget: baby wipes, bottled water, tissues, sun cream, Band-Aids. Put a smile on that child’s face, and by extension, you will put a smile on the face of their parents.
  4. Prepare fun packs. Prepare fun things to do, like coloring and small games. The best idea I ever saw was a list of things to spot on the trip. If they spot all 15, they get to pick from a lucky dip. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and enjoying themselves!
  5. Include children in the fun. Invite them upfront in your vehicle or to the captain’s area of the ship. Kids LOVE being placed into the seats where the ‘important people’ normally sit. Just by treating them like a worthy human being, you’ll seriously make their day. Show them the various widgets that make up your operation and show them how it works. Make them feel like part of the experience.

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