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As maintaining social distance is being called for in nearly every corner of the globe, solo travel may be on the rise while the rest of the tourism industry falters. There are a number of reasons why habitual solo travelers and solo travel newbies before may be the first to dip a toe in the travel pool. Here, we will examine some reasons that solo travelers may once again be packing their bags before the resurgence of group travel, what they are looking for, and what some of their concerns may be. If you own a travel business or work in the travel industry this might be useful information for you to keep in mind as you adapt your offerings to the Corona Era and beyond.

Why Solo Travel?

Doing anything alone in the age of corona comes with the obvious benefit of unintentional social distance. Whether you are renting a canoe or planning a backpacking trip, if you are entirely separated from other people, your chance of infection decreases notably. This has also been a time of isolation and reflection for many people. Perhaps people who would have been afraid by the notion of planning a solo trip before the pandemic, have faced that fear in unique ways in the past five months. Others may be looking for space for self-reflection and to regroup after a year that has been anything but what was expected.

Business travel also tends to be solo and whether we like it or not, the world relies on face-to-face interactions. We, therefore, may see a resurgence of solo business trips before leisure travel makes a full return.

What Appeals to Solo Travelers?

For many, when we hear the term solo traveler the first thing that comes to mind is an international thrill-seeker. In 2020, this might look more like someone who is headed off on a domestic road trip or an extended backpacking trip. Most travelers, solo or otherwise, are turning towards domestic travel. Whether heading to a neighboring state or just getting to know their own city better, staying local is much more feasible in the current context. Another popular choice amongst the solo traveler is the nature escape, an activity that can offer a complete contrast to the past 5 months of being cooped up inside.

What Solo Travelers Are Worrying About?

Although many people travel alone, they often call the highlight of their trip the chance encounters and connections they form with other people along the way. Many people are concerned that with social distance mandates, these types of connections will become less common. Anyway that travel experience providers may facilitate people meeting and interacting with new people at a safe distance, this will be extremely appealing in the current climate and that of the foreseeable future.

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