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As 2020 continues through the fog of uncertainty, Americans too, are reluctant to leave their shores. Destination Analysts have been providing weekly updates on the attitude towards travel in the US. Unsurprisingly, like the times, confidence has been swaying. In the week of June 1st, it was reported that American’s continue to feel more and more confident towards travel with more than 20% feeling ready to travel without hesitation or already travelling. In the week of June 15th, as new outbreaks began to emerge, the majority of those surveyed were more interested in visiting places familiar to them, rather than seeking out new destinations internationally.

Yet, through all this fluctuation, there is one thing we can be sure about: people miss travelling! Another survey noted that 85% of people are missing travelling the most. And so, through the fog, a clearer image begins to emerge. Americans are clearly apprehensive about returning to international destinations in the near-future and so local travel spots are very likely to be hit first. We’ve written about locals returning first before and it is as important as ever to begin pivoting your marketing and products towards local customers.

The constant changes in 2020 have meant travellers are changing their minds as often as the news changes. Provide them with an option that appeals to both their desire to travel, as well as their need for safety, comfort, and familiarity. Tour and activity operators have the opportunity to show locals their own communities and cities in a new light. Ease their anxieties so that locals look to you now and you’ll be well-positioned for travellers from afar when the time is right.

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