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Good news: right here you’ll find the secret behind nearly every tour operator in the top 10(opens in a new tab) all over the world.

If you don’t believe me, close the blog after reading this post, and go check for yourself! The people holding #1 right now hate that I’m sharing this because they don’t want anyone else to know this simple information. No, it isn’t just with impressive branding(opens in a new tab) – although we know that helps!

So, what’s the goose that lays the golden egg? Right here:

1. Take online bookings using a specialist tour operator booking software system.
2. Schedule follow-up emails for bookings to ask them for a review.

The automated nature means that you have a steady stream of reviews trickling in each week. TripAdvisor gets what they want – more active users – and you get what YOU want – higher rankings.

If you don’t have a modern website with a real-time booking option available to potential customers, close this page, and please do it now. Or get in contact with us(opens in a new tab) and we can create a website with all this for you. Don’t let another day slip by. If you already have a booking system, schedule the emails! Nearly all online tour software services give you this option. Make use of it, and see your profits rise.

How should you do it?

Alex Bainbridge of TourCMS(opens in a new tab) states:

“Use a subject line such as ‘welcome home’ rather than anything to do with feedback. These two changes alone increased response to one tour operators welcome home email by 200-300%.”

This is excellent advice!

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