If you’re running a tour company, it’s probably because you and your team think you’re the best people to guide visitors through your town or help them experience it. Who you are is an important part of selling your company to travelers. You want your visitors to see your website and think it would be a mistake to book a tour with anyone else.

A lot of people use their About Us page to talk about themselves, the team, and most importantly, what makes them stand out from the competition. But unfortunately, the about us page is commonly one of the least visited pages on a tour site, so you want your tour company to shine throughout the entire website.

Here are examples of how TourismTiger does this on the websites we built for our clients:


Show off your credentials

On Eat Mexico’s site, we made sure to highlight the founder’s expertise in Mexican cuisine by featuring her cookbook. Not only can customers buy the cookbook, but upon visiting the site, they immediately realize that this tour company is run by not just anyone, but a true Mexican connoisseur. Lesley and her company immediately stand out from the countless food tours in Mexico City.



Make your mission a focal point

If you are running a tour company with a purpose, make sure it’s highlighted on your website. Like-minded individuals on your homepage will be happy to see it. On the site we built for Asheville electric bike tour company The Flying Bike, we made sure to put the mission that is important to founder Alice and Torin Kexel on the homepage, so people visiting the site immediately understand what they are all about, putting Torin and Alice’s true personality and purpose front and center on the site.



Similarly, on the site for Tiger Adventure Tour Tasmania, which also highlights Lynden and Estelle’s mission as tour operators, which is to show travelers beautiful Tasmania, and striving to keep Tasmania’s wilderness intact.



Assuring stats about your team

On the site we built for Los Angeles helicopter tour company Hangar 21, we knew it was important to put potential-flyers at ease. To do this, we gave them some quick facts about the company that can easily be seen immediately upon entering the website and scrolling down. Travelers will be comfortable knowing the pilots are all certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, have decades of experience, and the company has flown thousands of customers before.



Going even further than this, were the stats we put on the website we built for Sky’s The Limit Ballooning in California. Many travelers, though they want to fly in a hot air balloon, are terrified of an accident. So, on the website, it clearly states early on that there have been tens of thousands of passengers that have flown with Sky’s The Limit without incident. This declaration will make Sky’s The Limit stand out compared to competitors who are likely not covering as many bases on their website. 



As a tour operator, the goal of your website should be to make visitors think that booking with anyone else would be a mistake. These three tips will help you do that by showing off who you are and why you’re special throughout your site.


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