We officially launched TourismTiger in early 2015, when my book went live.

I deliberately launched it knowing full well that we had a lot of improvement to make. We’re not where we want to be yet but one thing I can say is this: every website on our system improves every month. What we’re building is a collective improvement machine.

Welcome to the Collective

We work full time on the system rather than on individual websites, we’re able to make advances in small business web design that were previously inaccessible to anyone without a $50k annual budget (at the very MINIMUM). All of our current customers benefit with every improvement.

Take the example of website speed. Right now our websites are kind of slow, we admit it. But how would feel paying a guy nearly $5000 to make your website faster than a Ferrari?

That’s what we’re doing right now. Our goal is to have the fastest website system in the world so in the next few days we’re upgrading to one of the world’s top rated web hosts. Next week a WordPress Speed Consultant is coming on board to work with us. This is a web designer’s weird nerd fantasy coming true – and it’s happening right here at TourismTiger.

It’s Like Communism But For Websites

Every time you pay for a piece of software – Microsoft Windows – or don’t pay – Facebook – you’re participating in a collective.

There’s no way you’d pay the billions of dollars needed to design and make a Toyota, but you’re happy to split the cost with people all over the world who also want a Camry.

Why doesn’t the same concept exist in web design?

Imagine if you could pay a small monthly fee and get the benefits of participating in a collective. Indeed – why not?

Enough Grandstanding – How Does It Actually Go Down?

So glad you asked! Meet Barry, our project management system

They’re a mix of small fixes and bigger advances and lined up to come we have more than you can imagine.

It’s like trying to eat an elephant and we’re doing it the only way you can – one bite at a time. We’re only just getting started and that’s why we’re still cheap. The current plan is to raise our up-front prices every 3 months – it’s only fair that the people who get on board earliest are the ones who also benefit the most. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, it’s best to get on board now.


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