We are very excited to announce that we launched a brand new TourismTiger website.

The sites we build for tour operators have always been given priority over our own site. Constantly working on new sites for clients, we had little time as a team to put together a new TourismTiger site.

But it was finally time for us to treat ourselves like a client and rebuild our own site from the bottom up. As we tell our clients, your website is the first impression you’re giving to the world. You need to put your best foot forward. Our new TourismTiger site shows what we, as a web design company, can do.

Read all about the process from the team who worked on it:

Head of Operations, Simon

“It became obvious that a new website was required as we constantly found ourselves shying away from sending potential clients/partners to our current site, as it wasn’t representative of the standard we hold ourselves to as a business.   

Aside from the old site not being particularly visually appealing – we felt it wasn’t clear exactly who we were and what we did. In terms of content, the home page was enormous. It looked like we weren’t entirely sure what we wanted to say so we ended up saying everything we could think of. The new site is sleeker and easier to navigate.

I wanted it to be clean, modern, and much more concise.


We got a little caught up in the beginning with trying to do too much, but eventually took the advice we often give to our clients and have created a far more functional site which accurately depicted who were are as a business, without compromising on style.

The process was a bit of a slow burner, but really came alive once our Head of Projects Jess and her team took it on as an actual project – rather than us just picking it up and putting it down whenever we had a free day or 2. The initial stages were just me developing a site map and picking out example of websites I liked, but it became a far more collaborative effort and the site has really benefited from that.”


Director of Business Development, Russel

“I feel that the old website didn’t receive the same love and care as the websites we build for our clients. For a leading web design company, it’s important to showcase your talents at every available opportunity. Over the last 3 years our site had become dated. But now our new website is built on the same system as our clients’ which means it will evolve with us – and we’ll never need to get a new website again.”


Integral Designer, Andrea

“Simon gathered all the examples and ideas he had and showed me what he had envisioned for the new site. Looking at inspiration, finding examples online is very easy, checking out the sites for companies that we look up to plays a large role in the conceptual process of creating a website. The idea is not to copy, but to check other people’s work, see what truly works for them, and find a way to adapt it to our own necessities and make it our own.

I think the most important thing the new site had to have was transparency, a clear layout, a harmonic color scheme, and consistency in the way the information was presented.



One of the things I didn’t like about our old website was that you couldn’t navigate through it, you had to scroll on and on to access all of the information. Our new site is a great improvement in terms of navigation, usability, and it has a much better interface. Overall, the organization behind it is clear, consistent and coherent.



Users will be pleased to successfully navigate through the website and find the information they’re looking for.”


Senior Content Coordinator, Elyssa

“My first step in writing the content for our website was to look at other web design companies’ sites. My writing career has been more travel-and-tourism-centric, so while I know how to make a tour, experience, city or site sound great, I didn’t have much experience writing about a tech company despite being a full-time employee at one!

When I decided I didn’t really like the stuffy tone used in most web designer websites (no offense, competitors!), I decided to look to more creative companies for inspiration.

The goal was to inspire trust and confidence in our services without being too technical, and I think we achieved this with direct, readable language and plenty of visuals of our portfolio, courtesy of our awesome designer Andrea.



Once I got an idea of what we needed to highlight (how we do things differently, why our methods and results are ultimately better, and what makes us unique as a team), I was ready to begin writing.

There are two big things that set us apart that I really wanted to emphasize on the site:

1. We specialize in making websites for tour operators. Focusing on the tourism industry allows us to tailor each component of our websites and optimize it for the type of visitors we’re expecting.

2. Our TigerCare service really sets up apart from other web design companies. Some of our clients don’t have the time, bandwidth, or interest to dedicate to their website. With TigerCare, they never really have to think about their website after launch. We’ll host the websites we launch, provide regular maintenance and updates, and make any content changes in a timely manner. Our ultimate aim is to free up our clients so that their website is working for them—drawing in new business and converting visitors to sales—so they can worry less about sales and more about creating great tours.

With the new site, we’ve taken our own advice and answered a lot of Frequently Asked Questions with the content. By the time people contact us, they’ll have a good grasp on what exactly we do thanks to our new site.”


The new TourismTiger website was a real team effort. Everyone did their part to make our new site shine. Check out the site in its entirety: TourismTiger.com


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